Health Systems Approach

We take a comprehensive, integrated approach to health systems strengthening.

We Design Holistic, Patient-Centered Programs With Public and Private Health Sector Partners

We view a health system as an interconnected web of elements. Each of these elements must be functioning optimally to enable effective delivery of care. In alignment with the World Health Organization’s Health System Framework, we address the key elements of the health system to deliver integrated solutions and improve the entire system, as a whole.

Our programs are rooted in locally-led expertise and collaboration, and two decades of relationships. The partner government’s national health strategy is our central roadmap.  Touch’s health programming blends elements of private sector best practices with deeply localized expertise to deliver measurable, sustained results for health system partners – hospitals, clinical leaders, and patients.

We Are Committed To Long-term Sustainability

Develop projects informed by local stakeholders

Co-implement projects with partners & build local capacity

Transition projects to local ownership