Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to help build the health systems of the future for sub-Saharan Africa. We do this by strengthening the foundational building blocks of high-quality care: a strong healthcare workforce, working in well-resourced, well-managed health facilities, ensuring that patients can receive the high-quality care they need and deserve, when and where they need it.

1. We are undaunted by big problems

For over two decades, Touch continues to tackle the biggest challenges to human health in Africa. We are motivated by complexity, and we refuse to deliver patchwork solutions that don’t drive change at a systems-level.

2. We challenge ourselves to see and do things differently

We explore the full dimensions of health barriers and reimagine the solutions. We know that systems-change requires a creative lens that brings hard questions to bear. We do this because we believe that these problems deserve our unflagging commitment.

3. We persevere and iterate

We know that the challenges to healthcare delivery in Africa are complex. We embrace the complexity and believe that the learning-doing cycle will yield better, more effective, durable results. We make mistakes and we’re not afraid to course-correct.

4. We are ambitious in our conviction to deliver results

We are driven to transform healthcare because we believe that people should not have to suffer at the hands of broken systems. If we are bold in our thinking and our commitment, we will try to unlock solutions for every person and every family.

Touch Health Strategies for Enduring Impact

Private-sector acumen

The private sector has a crucial role to play in building strong health systems in Africa. Touch’s programmatic strategies are rooted in private-sector best practices. Many of our staff hail from private sector backgrounds and training, and our partnerships with private sector companies fuel program impact.

A commitment to sustainability

The international development community has long-professed a commitment to sustainability. At Touch, we believe that that health programs need to ask and answer hard questions about financial resources. Philanthropy has a powerful role to play in health sector innovation, but programs must identify who the payer-at-scale will be.

Data-driven solutions

Measuring programmatic “impact” has many dimensions. Touch programs start with data and end with data. Our programs are only successful if the data show that patient health - and the institutions that deliver care - are measurably improved.